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Construction & Renovation 


General home remodeling is a great way to maintain you home. Similarly, you may want to change the color of your living space. You can create a transition within your living room instead of it just remaining flat. As well, you may look at the size of your doors and shelvings. You may also want to change the style of the windows.
Additionally, we always map out a plan for every remodeling project. Our great design partners, architects, and engineers can also get involved if there are any municipality requirements for major renovations and additions.
We provide detailed and comprehensive services of demolition, framing, forming, siding, painting, drywall, flooring, decks, and cabinetry. Besides, we will assign special teams to work on mechanical & electrical systems. We believe that every home is unique in itself; hence, we explore the potential with you and the designers to which a home can be transformed.
Modern House
Wooden House

Our homes may be demanding a new kitchen, a modern living space, a guest room, an additional rental helper suite(s), a coach house, or maybe a lounge for your guests. Additionally, you may need to extend a wall for a gym space or your kitchen may be too small for the family. As a property owner, you may choose to build a two-story building so that everyone is comfortable. We all ask ourselves these important questions, what is a crucial step to home additions? We will get a bunch of ideas from our consultant partners to transform your ideas into a real plan. When you have finally figured it out, it slowly starts to become real. Home additions are set to increase your property value, which is an advantage when you think of selling one. Once you make a call, we will draw up construction details plans for your project, then, dispatch our team to your site. 

Luxury Modern Kitchen

The idea is to have an organized space like your kitchen. Is it possible that you want new appliances, a bigger kitchen space, or an extra storage space? It is very important to have a clue about what your kitchen may need. Kitchen Remodel services are the best solution for your kitchen. Also, it is important to have yourself a budget for your kitchen remodel. Then, we will provide proposed designs for your kitchen project. In addition, our team will help you understand the requirements. Moreover, we have the expertise in choosing the best items for your kitchen space close to your budget and the desired look. 

You may have the need to work on your bathroom remodeling, change your bathroom tiles, and tub relocation, perhaps, you may want to introduce more color schemes that work together or change the hardware and accessories.


It is important to understand what your bathroom needs. Once you have identified the specific drawback, it will then be easy for you to make significant changes. We work on things that matter to you. You get us your estimated budget, and then we pull the strings together toward remodeling your bathroom in the best way possible to give you the space that you would enjoy every time. We can design and generate a proposed drawing for your project to make sure that you have all the information needed then we bring out your dream bathroom to reality.


We will check on the wiring, plumbing, and lighting of your kitchen & bathroom. We will equally explore different types of lighting, showerheads, and bathroom & kitchen accessories to make sure that we get the best quality items according to your budget. We also work extensively on your bathroom details: color, glasses, hardware, and doors to give the space a fantastic look. 

Building a House

Who We Are

About Dazaar  

Design & Build  - Licensed Builders

  • Our general contracting services for building new custom homes from conception in the pre-construction phase and continue through completion and construction project management. 

  • All renovation requirements will get a complete ‘move-in’ solution

  • We can ensure a job is done on time and on budget

  • Proven results for setting exceptional standards in cost control

  • Devising and achieving clear timelines with quality workmanship and compatible prices.

  • The expertise of our employees and trade partners in specific fields assures quality and customer satisfaction as our priority.


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What We do

DAZAAR team guides you through the design, planning, and construction phase of your project. We’ll help you figure out what you like and how could it comes to reality from your ideas and will assist you to apply for the required municipality permits.

Throughout construction, we will be taking the time with you to schedule mechanical, and electrical with our trade partners, then we will have several meetings to discuss the finishing, cabinetry, and shelving of your desired design and quality. This provides us with many opportunities to discuss your options, preferences, and the specific design details of your home.

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