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Building Expansion & Additions

We will provide you with a preliminary proposal for what we believe the potential cost of your project will be based on a few optional designs and ideas. 

Final details and selections are made to keep the project within budget.

Then we build your project and manage all aspects of your project to ensure the project stays on time and within budget.

Dwelling Expansion 

Love the home you live in but need more space? We get it. Families grow and needs change over time. Sometimes, your home has to grow and change with you. Maybe a new work-from-home office is in order. 

Coach House

We can help you with the construction, and renovations, of your Coach House.  Our philosophy with regard to building is that we either do it right or not do it at all. Only, a licensed builder/contractor is permitted to build your insurable coach house in BC

Garage & Shed

In need of garage addition ​

garage Expansion, garage Renovation, garage Remodeling, garage Loft Installation, heated garage, garage Door Installation and garage opener Installation

Deck & Pavings

Expanding a home’s outdoor living space is a big trend, many newer homes have ground, second, or third-level decks that turned into a very nice space for outdoor living. You can add a sustainable value to your property if that's done right and enjoy it as an extended living space. 

Planting Room, Art Studio

 We offer a wide variety of glass and wooden options, heating, and cooling devices, vent options, and many more. Enjoy the perfect environment for growing your vegetable in your home, or turn it into an Art Studio.

Outdoor Jacuzzi

A standard spa is attractive, functional, and easy to maintain. It can be a standalone feature in your backyard with the right landscape design that has personalized style with your choice of shape, color, materials, and features.


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