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If you’re looking for a family home or planning a unique design to fit into a special lot, or planning of partnership a residential multifamily home with some friends and family and need an experienced team to manage the whole process, we are the fully licensed and experienced team and ready to handle everything that goes into building a home from conception to completion. 

DAZAAR team will guide you through the design, planning and construction phase of your custom home. We’ll help you figure out what you like and how could it comes to reality from your ideas. 

Throughout construction, We will be taking the time with you to schedule framing, mechanical, electrical, then we will also have several meetings to discuss the finishing, cabinetry, and shelving. This provides us with many opportunities to discuss your options, preferences and the specific design details of your home.


Pre-construction phase and feasibility study

Permits applications and land evaluation

Architectural, mechanical and electrical drawings

Engineering reports and coordination

Construction management and supervision

Schedule inspections and final reports

Occupancy permit and the 2.5.10  Home Warranty. 

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